What are Film Festivals

Film festivals have been around for many years and have becomes the best way for new movie makers to show their latest and greater creations in front of a live audience. Festivals are very big in European countries as well as America and can be entered by playing a small feel. Festivals are usually provided by private organizations, universities, film societies, arts associations and local governments. Film creators use these festivals to get their films out there and get a proper report done by film critics. Filmmakers who manage to get into these festivals have the advantage of having their films shown to potential buyers and agents. Many of these festivals also provide a competition, which will give the winner of the best film a sizable cash prize.


There are different types of film festivals available. For example some festivals will allow a wide range of different films to be featured at the festival, which will include a bit of everything, but others choose to be specific and focus on only one set of films like comedy only, female directors or Jewish films. Other festivals select a specific genre and will only allow short films or documentaries. With so many films festivals available these specialized festivals are good for those who have created a film and would like to show it to only a specific audience and critics.

The facts that make film festivals different of academy awards is simple. Festivals allow any filmmakers to enter no matter what their budget, history and film type. Film festivals don’t consider experience either and a lot of the time they would invite students to join the festival and submit their films to see what people and critics think.

Many filmmakers are choosing to edit their films with computer programs these days. It makes it a lot faster, easier and better finishes are expected. Film festivals have also taken a step forward and decided to take film festivals to the next level by going online. This allows them to reach a much greater amount of people as they are able to show films online around the world. In 2003 an online film festival played host to over 600,000 people. This means the films of students and those who are finding their feet in the film industry are now able to have their films seem by many more, which also includes critics.

Film festivals have discovered an amazing amount of new filmmakers who are now massive in the film industry. These festivals are also found all over the world and differ in sizes. Some of the festivals would also ask a fee to film makers to have their films featured, which is a great investment in you think about it. Even if a film was shown and it was considered a pour production, at least the film maker will receive critics from a professional, which should be seen in positive as it will be able to assist the filmmaker with future films.

Many have commented that alternative methods can also be used to show your films to an audience, ad this information is correct. Also keep in mind that it won’t be easy at all to achieve the same volume of people or to get to the critics without using festivals. So many jump the struggle and see how festivals can be entered.

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