Famous artist – Vincent van Gogh

Today Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous painters who ever walked the face of the earth. His paintings have become extremely valuable and can be recognized by many cultures throughout the world. The life of Vincent is rather sad as his paintings only become valuable after him passing.

Vincent led an eventful life. He was born in 1853 and raised in Holland, where he grew up in a religious home where his father was a minister. Van Gogh stayed in Holland throughout his school years and decided to follow in the foot-steps of him uncle who was an art dealer. Vincent learnt the trade in Holland and moved on to work in both France and England. In his early years Vincent was happy and was successful with the trade he had chosen for himself.

Vincent van Gogh

A few years later in his early 20’s Vincent decided to leave the art dealing trade as he grew tired of it while in France. He started to study theology after returning home, while very passionate about his studies, Vincent failed to pass exams and left that part of his left behind. He them went on to work as a missionary in a coal mine where he found himself working and living among many poor, who found him interesting as he was very intelligent and could speak a number of languages.

In 1880 Vincent travelled to Belgium to study art at the Academie royale beaux-Arts. By the following winter he had moved to Amsterdam where he had fallen in love, however he got his heart broken and decided to devote himself fully to his studies and art, he started painting.

Potato Eaters by van Gogh was his first major painting, which he had completed in 1885. He had still been single and found it difficult to find love. His painting started to attract interested people, but still none of his paintings were purchased by anyone. He started to admire the work of Peter Paul Rubens and decided to study colour theory. His painting were still lacking colour according to his brother who was currently working as an art dealer. Van Gosh took a different approach and decided to use brighter colours instead of his norm earthy colours used before.

The next year Vincent discovered the style of painting that he is now famous for. He moved to Paris where he had the opportunity to discuss art with a number of famous painters in his time. These included Gauguin, Toulouse-Lautrec and Bernard. Vincent learnt how to use the vivid colours his brother had recommended and applied the paint thicker to bring out the colours in his painting. He also applied bold brushstrokes. He received a number of positive reviews for his paintings, but still no purchases were requested for his paintings.

Vincent had a dream to open a colony in the south of France after becoming a famous painter. His plan was to use his earnings and open the colony and provide classes for those who were interested in art. Sad to say he never made it to that point as he got a mental illness and took his own life in 1890.

In the 10 years that Vincent van Gogh was an artist he created around 900 painting, which are sold for millions today. Seven of his paintings were recently sold for over 719 million dollars. Vincent van Gogh passed away as a poor man.

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