Extraordinarily Expensive Artworks

Record art sales, for artists and items sold on auctions, prices for sculptures, drawings and paintings skyrocketed recently into jaw dropping millions. At an auction in London the painting done by Amedeo Modigliani was sold for $42.1 million. The pricey painting is a portrait of the painter’s wife and has a sad story behind it, she committed suicide and killed both her unborn child and herself only one day after the artist died at age 35.

East Wind over Weehawken

The white and orange canvas, untilled from artist Mark Rothko was sold for 46.1 million in New York by Christies, the expected price was set on $35 million. At the same auction a record price of $48.4 million was paid for the painting called “Dustheads” from Jean Michael Basquiat. The most expensive art prices released is listed below for auctions and private sales.

East Wind over Weehawken

Edwards Hopper’s most expensive artwork ever sold was the ‘East Wind over Weehawken”. The painting depicts a New Jersey streetscape, the estimation was that the painting would fetch $22 million up to $28 million. At the auction held in New York the painting was sold at $40 million.

Golden Nurse

Pablo Picasso’s 1932 portrait called the “Golden Nurse” sold for $44.9 million according to Sotheby’s in London. The same price was reached for his “Femme Assise Pres d’Fenetre, also called Women sitting Near a Window.

Saying Grace

“Saying Grace” is a painting from Norman Rockwell, when this painting went on action two telephone bidders was competing for over 9 minutes before the final offer went through on $46 million.

Women with Flowered Hat

The colourful Roy Lichtenstein painting called “Women with Flowered Hat”, which reminds of a mangled queen from a deck of cards was sold for $56.1 million. The painting from Andy Warhol, might look to most as a retro advertisement for Coca Cola, and it basically is, but this black and white familiar pop art piece is iconic of the artist style. The new owner paid $57 million 2 years ago for this painting at a New York auction.

Number 19

Number 19 is a painting from Jackson Pollack and the particular drip style got it auctioned off at $58.3 million. But the big ones fetches $105 million, as the “Silver Car Crash” from Andy Warhol proved. If your passion is artworks from painter Francis Bacon be ready to take out huge amounts of cash. “Three studies of Lucian Freud”, the 1969 painting was sold for $142 million.

Le Reve

Just when you think you have seen it all, “Le Reve” from Pablo Picasso goes on the auction stage and fetches a price of $155 million. According to fund manager at Bloomberg, Steven Cohen is now the new owner of this painting after he bought it from Steve Wynn, who is a casino owner, this sure is a pricey dream item.

Nafea Faa ipoido

Paul Gauguin’s painting called “Nafea Faa ipoido? or When will you marry” from 1892 was sold by Rudolf Staechelin Family Trust in a private sale in 2015 to the Qatar Museum for $300 million. The painting depicts two Tahitian women sitting outside with one showing a series expression in a traditional Tahitian dress and the other wearing a mission dress. Currently the “When will you marry” is the painting that has been sold privately or auctioned at the highest price.

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