Different Genres in Films

Films have many different creators who all share a different idea of a good film. For this reason and many others the film industry has created different genres that different movies will fall into. This helps the audience to know what time of films are available and what types of films they enjoy most. Genres have also allowed film creators a number of different guidelines to follow once they have decided the type of movie they are creating.


Action films include a massive selection of different categories that films that have already been created fall into. Action includes movies that involve natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and many more. Action can also involve the bad guy verses good guy, explosions and adventurous to mention just a few.

action movies

Action films usually require a big budget set as stunt doubles are required a lot of the time, they are also more likely to require editing and may also require actors who are more experienced, which means they cost more. Action films are definitely worth looking into if a filmmaker films it interesting and the budget allows for such a film to be done correctly.


Comedy films provide a wide selection of different categories as well. These can be seen as romantic comedies, spoofs (humorous remake of other films), comedy drama and far beyond. These films also require a large budget, but can be done with a smaller budget than most action films. Here the important things are good actors, excellent story line, humorous situations and much more. Once of the greater things that ruin comedy films is when there is not much of a story line or when the timing from the characters is not in sync.


Adventure films are usually associated with action films, but a lot of the time these films actually fall into a category of their own. Many of these are created around true stories, treasure hunting or fairytale. Adventure films provide an amazing selection of different styles, which will be able to appeal to most audiences. These films will require budgets from medium to very large. Here it all depends on what the idea is for the film and what will be required to make a success of the film.


Drama consists of easily the biggest genre available as so many films have been created involved with this genre. These types of films will not require filmmakers to have large budgets, but once again it will depend on what is required to make the film successful. Drama films mostly include real life events, but have also been seen to offer films that are created around things that could happen.

Crime and Gangsters

Crime and gangster films include a fairly specific selection of films. Some of these are also include true stories, which means they are based on events that actually took place. Other crime and gangster films will provide a story about how the crime and gangs work. Some films will also come up with new cleaver ways that crimes could be done, which usually creates a very interesting film.


Horror films usually include things that could take place or things that are a little farfetched, but remain scary. Horror films are there to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up as fear rushes though. This can be a very difficult genre of a filmmaker to create as many different aspects come into play with these movies.

Science Fiction

These films are usually based on aliens, strange occurrences and unknown forms of life. These films usually not plausible events, but are created in a way that allows the audience to believe these things are possible. Also a tricky one for filmmakers and can run up a massive amount when budget is considered.

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