Best Art Film Directors

Art film directors have always been highly well spoken. There are many of these individuals around the world of which most of them have created a number of films. Some of these films have never been heard of where others made the directors who created them extremely famous. The following will show the 8 best directors of all time.

David Lynch

David Lynch has been called the director we cannot lose. This is because of his amazing films with plots that make all of us sit in silence and wonder.

David Lynch

His films have been created with extreme attention to detail, which has been said to make audience members slip into a portal of collective subconscious. Film tiles like Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive and Lost Highway have been created by David. Many say he isn’t just an amazing director, but also an amazing art films creator.

Martin Scorsese

Martin is also one of the world most recognized directors of all time. Film like Gangs of New York hit high in the ranking when it was released. Martin has also created a number of other well-known tiles including Taxi Drive and Ranging Bull. The director has been questioned as some worry he is falling behind with the requirements needed to make amazing films today.

Joel and Ethan Coen

Joel and Ethan Coen are bothers who have been working together for many years and have created a number of excellent films. Some say the amazing films produced are because they are 2, which means they have different ideas, which are put together with each minute of every movie featured by the brothers.

Steven Soberbergh

Steven Soberbergh is seen as a one-off director. This means he creates a film, but them moves on to something completely different. In many ways this is a good move as it provides something for everyone. Steven has managed to create a wonderful relationship with many members of the film industry in Hollywood. He is famous for the movies he has created, which includes titles like his most famous film Oceans Eleven.

Terrence Malick

Terrence Malick is a perfect example the less is more. The talented director has only created 2 films over the last 3 decades and is now busy with the third. Terrance is well known for the 2 films that have been created and includes Badlands from 1973 and The thin Red Line from 1999.

Abbas Kiarostami

Abbas is seen as the most respected, well known non-American director of all times. The director has included a number of new styles used while creating films, which includes adding a drama story line mixed in with a documentary. Abbas Kiarostami mostly creates new films in Iran, which are well known throughout the world.

Errol Morris

Errol Morris falls into this top 8 not for the films he has created, but rather for the amazing documentaries he has turned into movies over the last few years. Error in known for his amazing ability to find real life occurrences and turn them into documentaries in a way where the story in explained with an interesting film.

Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao is most famous in Japan for the amazing set of animations he has put together over the years. Hayao has won a number of amazing awards for the films he has created. The film creators amazing selection of movies released has now been recognizes by Hollywood.

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