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Stephan Jost Names Ontario’s Art Gallery Director

After several months of searching for a new director for “The Art Gallery of Ontario”, the search has been called off. The announcement was made by the government of Ontario happily, noting that as of April 14th, 2016 Stephan Jost will become the new “Director & CEO” of the gallery.

Stephan Jost

This must surely have come as a major shock to Mr. Jost whom only is the director of a small art gallery in Hawaii. The Honolulu Museum of Art, even though small in its nature has been able to turn a profit & stabilize their finances over the five years that Stephan stood as the director. Needless to say this man just won’t be making a major change in the size of his job but he will also be making a major change on where he lives. Toronto is the utter opposite of Hawaii.

Matthew Teitelbaum is stepping down as the AGO Director & CEO after seventeen years at the Toronto based institution. During his seventeen years he crafted a $276-Million renovation of the facility, design by Frank Gehry this newly designed building received international acclaim last June. After accomplishing his goals as the director of the Art Gallery of Ontario, he is now stepping down to let someone new lead.

If history is any indicator, Ontario doesn’t just hire anyone for this position. They look for people who’ll make a name for themselves by doing unique, mind-altering things with art and the gallery. We wish Stephan Jost the best of luck in his upcoming endeavours.

Charity Auction Revolves Around Star Wars

Anyone whom doesn’t live under a rock knows about the new Star Wars film, everywhere you look a bit of this movie or property can be seen. Television, radio, the internet, merchandise in stores and now even art auctions are banking in on the success as well as popularity of Star Wars. This is evident once again as a new art auction being held by UNICEF Kid Power on eBay is tailored all around various Star Wars characters and events.

UNICEF Kid Power

As of right now there are three different auctions which are planned. There’ll be one on January 7th, January 17th and January 30th. Each one of these auctions will focus on two different artists, both of whom have the ability to paint in different styles. Depending on the popularity of these auctions there’ll be the possibly of three others. Previous auctions which where held in November & December were some of the highest attending art auctions that UNICEF Kids Power had ever experienced. The hope that history will repeat itself for a third time is clear.

55% of all donations are given to the children rather that be for immediate care or research, 22.5% is than given to Unicef for their costs as well as small profit and finally the last 22.5% is given to the artist. These auctions can range from painting being sold for $500 to $100,000 or more depending on the biding wars that take place. Last auction a picture of a storm trooper holding flowers sold for $239,000. It is the largest bid ever seen at a UNICEF Kid’s Power Art Auction.

France Gives Asylum to Art

The French President is one of the few whom understands that art isn’t something just to be viewed by the eyes, it is something that embodies the culture of humanity and what used to be before the modern age. That is why Francois Hollande, the French President announced with a UNESCO Conference that their country would be granting artwork asylum from various countries whom fear of precious artwork being destroyed by ISIS or other extremists.

franch president

This is truly astonishing to see as most countries look at art as a form of money, not culture. It seems that some countries haven’t forgotten of the devastation of art when extremists are at play. A perfect example would be the Nazi’s, one of their main goals was to destroy all precious artworks which weren’t of German culture. If ISIS Extremists also did the same thing then this could result in beautiful pieces of artwork being burned, ripped or more in a manner of weeks.

Germany is also holding asylum to precious forms of artwork as well, the United States of America is are harbouring various famous pieces of artwork as well. This could ensure the protection of the culture of old. Unfortunately the United States of America, with their ideas of being impenetrable are still showcasing these pieces of artwork to the public. While Germany & France are working towards putting their precious gems of art as deep away from the public as they possibly can. This is by far the best way to ensure their safety.

Fallout 4 Art book Announced

Fallout 4, one of the most anticipated video games of 2015 and more than likely this video game console generation cycle as a whole is only two weeks away from being released. Bethesda, the developers of the game have just announced “Fallout 4: The Art Book” which is slated to be released alongside the game. This art book will consist of designs, concept art of the games different locations but the art book will also consist of commentary directly from the games developers. This 384 page book will be one of the best art books to ever be released alongside its video game counterpart.

Fallout 4 Art book

Many people would argue that video games aren’t art but those people are far from correct. Video games take thousands of man hours to developer, behind every location in a new generation video game there is hundreds of hours of code. There are dozens of video games that have been released in recent years that visually look better than real life. You can’t help but to be grasped in by their beauty and the same thing shall apply with Fallout 4.

Those whom get this video game will have the treat of walking through Boston. Instead of just looking at a painting and wondering where that painting might take you. In Fallout 4 those looking at this painting will be able to explore an endless world that’s not defined by our imagination. “The Art of Fallout 4” is going to have paintings, art and more that’ll blow the minds of whomever decide to purchase this book.

Vancouver’s New Art Gallery New Public Space

Vancouver is continuing to make their city that much more appealing to not only their citizens but also to tourists. Their doing this through the much needed new Art Gallery in the core of the city. This new art gallery is being redesigned with multiple layers. All layers will be a different size, giving an odd but appealing architectural design that everybody can enjoy.

Vancouver’s New Art Gallery

This new art gallery is slated to be located at West Georgia & Cambie within Downtown Vancouver. This building will stand two hundred and thirty feet tall, having a total accumulated space of 310,000 square feet in the process. Currently the space where this new art gallery will be built is a parking lot for the Queen Elizabeth Plaza.

These efforts are clearly being made in order to make Downtown Vancouver a site to see & behold. This new art gallery would also have the architect & his team create a path that would lead from the art gallery to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to the Rogers Arena and finally to BC Place. This would spread major life into the heart of downtown which is why this proposed idea is going through and will more than likely be completed in three years’ time.

The City of Vancouver announced that they’ve donated the parking lot space to the old art gallery & have already provided a large portion of the funding for the new building. Swiss Architects De Meuron & Herzog will be designing this new art gallery.

China Steals American Artwork

China is now becoming famous for being a country which doesn’t only steal designs from various other countries but also has no concern for international law. China once again proved this as they’ve stolen artwork from Wayne Scarpaci, an artist who is famous for drawing ships and landscapes. Mr. Scarpaci’s artwork has been displayed multiple times in galleries, he has drawn book covers and box art for model kits. Unfortunately when browsing through other ship related art he won’t a Chinese manufactured painting that is nearly identical to his own.

Wayne Scarpaci

He suspects that whomever made this painting used it via Photoshop, taking different elements from various photo’s he’s drawn and combining them in order to form a new version of his work. Unfortunately Wayne cannot sue the company behind this rip off as China considers themselves pervious to the law which in return has caused countless problems. The most recent being that their building a new island in International Water & have openly threatened other countries saying they’ll blow them out of the sky and water if they try to go near the island.

This is starting to upset Northern America, their largest customer as they aren’t obeying any laws which other countries must obey. It’s suspected that whoever is next president will be working towards creating new sanctions that’ll essentially require that China clean up their act or lose them as a customer. Analysts state that China can call in the mass debt that America owes them but America will simply act as China has for decades & not pay it off.

$1.1 Million Art Price Tag Being Criticized

Art is one of the few things alongside music that has remained throughout human history. Montreal, one of the more stunning cities within Canada is known for their love for art industry. They encourage that young artists move to the city and due to this often pieces of art are displayed throughout the city.

City of Montreal

The most recent piece of art that has been created for the City of Montreal is a metal sculpture which is meant to be an homage to how far humans have come in mass transit, the sculpture resembling that of a bicycle wheel. Unfortunately it seems that citizens of the city believe that this money could be used for better things, one woman noted that it’s absolutely ridiculous to spend $1.1 Million on what is nothing more than a wheel. There are many residents who love the art community that have begun to express how much they enjoy this new sculpture and that everyone shouldn’t be so quick to judge on this piece for Montreal is known to be a haven for artists, just as Rome or France are.

None the less it doesn’t matter as to what these people think because the fact of the matter is that this sculpture is here to stay for decades to come. Montreal also has plans to create a new art district or redesign the one they currently have. Any information regarding any future art projects relating to the district or the city can be will be able to be found here.

Miley Cyrus Raises $69 Thousand for Charity

Miley Cyrus is known for being one of the more “Brave and Bold” actresses/singers in Hollywood but none the less regardless of what many have to say about her, she uses her popularity and fame for good. This time she did it through Art at “The Gala” in New York & raised sixty nine thousand dollars in the process. Miss. Cyrus’s art consisted of three different version of the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover that she drew over herself.

Miley Cyrus

This alone wouldn’t make the art worth anything or even make it art. These covers were sold off to support a variety of charities relating to the LBGT Community. Caitlyn Jenner took it upon herself to sign each one of the three copies of the Vogue magazine, instantly making it worth some serious money. This also marks a big moment for Jenner as this is the first time that the former Olympian has signed anything publically since the Vogue magazine came out.

This Vanity Fair color & Caitlyn Jenner ordeal hasn’t been a positive light to the Transgendered community. Instead being called Caitlyn Jenner is a new term of making fun of these groups of people. It has been widely spread around the media that this is the case but unfortunately Caitlyn has yet to make any statements or remarks on the matter.

This topic has become something of a heated debate amongst people around the globe. Luckily though the United States of America has somewhat put a stop to it by allowing for gay marriage to be legalized across all fifty states. We’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

Jurassic World Sequel Already In Works

One of the biggest blockbuster events for 2015 is Jurassic World, the reboot for the “Jurassic Park” franchise that was famous back in the 90’s. This new film stars Chris Prat, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ty Simpkins. It takes place in a new theme park designed all around dinosaurs but after tampering with a certain species some serious issues comes to light which opts Chris Pratt’s character to save the park.

Jurassic World

This film hasn’t even be released into movie theatres yet but it is already slated to have a sequel. Chris Pratt has signed on for the sequel already and Colin Trevorrow has already stated that he won’t direct the sequel to this movie as he doesn’t want to be attached to a property that hasn’t even been seen by the public yet. This hasn’t stopped Universal Studios from going ahead with the second film as the hype for this film is incredible & it’ll surely be one of the largest blockbusters for the year.

There is no details as of right now as to what the second Jurassic World film will be about as the ending to the first film isn’t even known right now. Universal Studios has stated that they want James Gunn as a potential director (Guardians of the Galaxy) as he is incredible as a visual director and has already worked with Chris Pratt before. If this is the case that means that these two men will have worked with one another on three films within a four year period of time.