Art has played a great deal in history. The artists involved with the art pieces have also become incredibly famous and some very rich, however there has also been many artists who are not appreciated in their time, who died pour as people who were not very well known and became famous after their deaths. Art is a very tricky subject and has become a need for the super wealthy and people who love the art pieces available from today and centuries ago.


Art also comes in many different forms, which most people won’t see as art. Most people consider art to consist of a painting or drawing on a canvas or page, but in fact art is all around us starting with architecture, which has become one of the biggest works of art in modern life. Sculptures are also seen as an amazing part of art history, which saw one of the most famous people in the history of art, Michelangelo who created the most amazing sculptures from marble. Art comes in many different shapes and sizes that will amaze most, but people have become somewhat used to it and accepted it as a part of everyday life.
Art is considered to date back to the caveman age where art used to be created on cave walls. These pieces were originally created to tell a history, but have also been widely admired by art critics and artists. Art also exists in our furniture, which can be seen as modern art.

Many artists have come and gone to share their amazing skills over the years. When you look into the history of art it’s amazing that such beautiful art pieces were created so many years ago. People like Vincent van Gogh who was seen as a good artists, but nothing worth mentioning in his time, but today he is seen as one of the biggest members making up the history of art. He died a poor man, but today his paintings are worth well over the million dollar mark.

Other artists that are famous today were mostly seen for their skills in their time and gained a great amount from it. Picasso for example managed to create one of the most valuable pieces of art by the time he was 25. Picasso lived a long life and passed away at the age of 91 years old. His paintings today also sell for over a hundred million dollars apiece.

The fact is art will always increase in value and the art pieces created on a canvas or those that were carved out to create amazing sculptures will always be worth the most as they are seen as one of a kind that can never be replaced. Those painting have been re-created so many times by people attempting to commit fraud by selling the replica for the same amount of money. As for the originals, well there can only be once of each and it’s considered priceless as it can never be replaced. Art might be an extremely expensive taste to have, but so well worth it as the creation you possess is unique and beautifully created.

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