About Art Films

Art films are known as art movies, art house films or specialty films. Typically these films are known as independent serious films that are aimed for smaller audiences instead of mass market audiences. Art films are mostly experimental and not meant for mainstream or viewings by massive audiences. The films are made for artistic and aesthetic reasons rather than collecting commercial profits.

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Art films are often referred to as processing films, which means they have formal qualities that mark them very differently from Hollywood mainstream movies. Looking at it from a different perspective would allow members to see these films as social realism and a focus from the director on dreams and thoughts of the characters appearing in the film. David Bordwell explains the art films as film genre, which holds its own distinctive conversation.

Art films are usually featured at art festivals for specialized theatres, which are fairly small in size. These films are also known as author films or national cinema. This is because these films are usually very specialized and are viewed by small amounts of people at a time. These films are also seem to be pure as most of them cannot get the backup money as other big budget films who can afford bigger stages, special effects or big advertisement. These films also mostly use smaller actors or armatures as well-known actors are far too costly for what the film is aimed for and expected to reach. Art films are used more to try new ideas and see what audiences think. The films are sometimes strange and provide a whole new attempt. For this reason a whole new perspective is required when these films are being watched.

In the 1990’s these films were widely enjoyed by those who knew the story behind the film. Directors used to sometime recreate a film and include some of their own alterations. This occurred with many blockbuster movies, which were seem as some of the best movies of all time. Directors from art films mostly used these movies to create their next film.
Promoting their films directors were not able to provide a great amount of money to get advertisement, due to this they were required to depend on the word on mouth, art film critic reviews and columnists talking about the film.

Film form is used to establish art in films and an understanding of what the firm in about. To do this different elements are set in the film and interaction with each other that will provide a better understanding, which still offers an art film. Form is also very important as it changes the audience experience by using a selection of elements to stem the principles and concepts of the film.

Audience expectations or formal expectations are used to guide the activity of the audience. When a film begins members of the audience would usually attempt to anticipate the outcome of the movie, meaning they would guess what the ending would be. This is where film form plays its part. Many of us know it as a twist in a film, where the more would start at a point and things occur as expected, but them all of a sudden something unexpected takes place and takes on a new type of ending or to just change the ending from what is expected.

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