5 Best Art Films

Over the years thousands of films have been created with different storylines and different ideas of how films should be made. There have been many good films and just as many bad and everyone would have a different opinion on each of them. Here we will have a look at the 5 best of all times. These films have been rated by critics as the best.

The Gospel According to Saint Matthew

The film was created by a man named Pasolini who had attempted to make another religious film in a humorous way before creating The Gospel According to Saint Matthew. The humorous film was 35 minutes long and was not receive well by members of the public or by critics. Pasolini actually receive a 4 month jail sentence for the creation of a film based on untrue religious events.

After the jail sentence Pasolini got back to the film industry and decided to create yet another religious film, but take things more seriously this time. He then created The Gospel According to Saint Matthews, which was and still is seen as one of the greatest films of all time. The film was created in the Italian city, Matera. Pasolini decided against Israel as he was not religious whatsoever and preferred to go for a different environment.

Fannie and Alexander

The self-styled farewell to cinema from Ingman Bergman created this opulent family saga. Ingram took hold of him demons with the film and managed to created one of the best films of all time.

Fannie and Alexander

The plot tells a story of a loving dysfunctional home where 2 boys named Fanny and Alexander grew up. The story goes on to show how the boys go on in their lives after their father passes away and their mother gets remarried to a bishop (Jan Malmsjo). A struggle progresses between Alexander and his new stepfather, which is later resolved, but Alexander is later shown how the evil thoughts can take over ones actions.

Days of Heaven

When you read the plot of this film constructed by Malick, you may think it’s not the most interesting of all, however the magnificent part is experienced when the audients see how brilliantly the film was captured and the way everything comes together. The film is set early in the 20th century where a story of 3 fugitives running from the law to get to Texas and do a seasonal workers as harvesters.

A Clockwork Orange

This film was created in 1971 and although many may think it doesn’t come close to some other films out there I urge you to watch it again, but this time consider the story line, brilliant acting and the way the plot rolls out. For a movie if this age its brilliant as there wasn’t much information available back then for the story that was told.

Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane was a film created that took the world by storm. The film was seen as a tribute to all directors and showed what was possible in films. The colours, sound and amazing story of this film set new standards in the industry, which meant filmmakers were required to take it to the next level and quick.

The film was said to be difficult to watch for those who grew up in Hollywood. The media tried to ban the film before it made its way to Hollywood, but nothing could stop it. The film however is one of the best for how it told the story and the amazing new ways introduced into film making.

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