Mona Lisa

The most famous painting in the world with philosophies that it could be da Vinci’s mother, or lover some speculates it was a disguised self-portrait, yet all the theories just added to the Mona Lisa legend.

The painting is at times referred to as La Giaconda, focussing on the theory that the women is Lisa del Giocondo, which was the wife of Franceso. But who was Mona Lisa really? Now Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting called Mona Lisa is at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, behind bullet proof glass and attracts more than 6 million, yearly visitors.

mona lisa

The reason everyone mentions this painting is the popularity of her smile, descriptions includes enigmatic and half-smile, yet it has puzzled people for centuries, from Harvard professors to Sigmund Freud and countless observers. Since completion in 1519 this painting has always been popular and highly regarded. International fame only came later and it was due to significant events. The publication of the essay done by Walter Pater in 1867, about Leonardo da Vinci. In this essay Pater uses poetic to describe the La Gionconda, as the Mona Lisa was then called. He described her beauty as ghostly. His writing is described as the most famous about any picture. It was published when art criticism was new and became immensely popular.

His essay describes the painting as the head on which the world’s end will come, he also said that her beauty was from inside the flesh. He describes her thoughts as exquisite passions and fantasy reveries. He also claims she has been reborn many times and learned secrets surrounding graves, that she was the mother of Helen of Troy and the mother of Mary. Fifty years after the essay was published the painting got stolen in 1911 from the Vincenzo Peruggia Museum, when an Italian worker at the museum, walked out with the painting after removing it from its honouree position on the wall. It was found only 2 years later when the Peruggia was trying to sell it to Uffizi museum.

Since its completion it was owned by kings in France, emperors and finally found its home at the Louvre. Many still asked why it was as popular, as da Vinci was praised for his interventions, but for the period he was hardly the most famous. It is clear that Michelangelo was the master at capturing human form, Botticelli the master of theme and colour and Raphael the more artful painter.

Art historians claims the eyes of Mona Lisa reveals the real Da Vinci code. Silvano Vinceti, head of the Italian team of researchers said they found the letters LV on the left eye, which could mean Da Vinci’s name or a coded message. The same team also discovered the letters, B, C or E. The team examined the face and eyes after a book in an antique shop revealed that the Mona Lisa holds hidden letters. The art historians also found the letter L 2 or 72 in the background. Dan Brown published a book called The Da Vinci Code, which revolves around hidden messages in the Mona Lisa painting. In 2006 the painting was completed 500 years ago and it remains enigmatic with a unique smile, attributed to optical illusion.

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