Stephan Jost Names Ontario’s Art Gallery Director

After several months of searching for a new director for “The Art Gallery of Ontario”, the search has been called off. The announcement was made by the government of Ontario happily, noting that as of April 14th, 2016 Stephan Jost will become the new “Director & CEO” of the gallery.

Stephan Jost

This must surely have come as a major shock to Mr. Jost whom only is the director of a small art gallery in Hawaii. The Honolulu Museum of Art, even though small in its nature has been able to turn a profit & stabilize their finances over the five years that Stephan stood as the director. Needless to say this man just won’t be making a major change in the size of his job but he will also be making a major change on where he lives. Toronto is the utter opposite of Hawaii.

Matthew Teitelbaum is stepping down as the AGO Director & CEO after seventeen years at the Toronto based institution. During his seventeen years he crafted a $276-Million renovation of the facility, design by Frank Gehry this newly designed building received international acclaim last June. After accomplishing his goals as the director of the Art Gallery of Ontario, he is now stepping down to let someone new lead.

If history is any indicator, Ontario doesn’t just hire anyone for this position. They look for people who’ll make a name for themselves by doing unique, mind-altering things with art and the gallery. We wish Stephan Jost the best of luck in his upcoming endeavours.