Charity Auction Revolves Around Star Wars

Anyone whom doesn’t live under a rock knows about the new Star Wars film, everywhere you look a bit of this movie or property can be seen. Television, radio, the internet, merchandise in stores and now even art auctions are banking in on the success as well as popularity of Star Wars. This is evident once again as a new art auction being held by UNICEF Kid Power on eBay is tailored all around various Star Wars characters and events.

UNICEF Kid Power

As of right now there are three different auctions which are planned. There’ll be one on January 7th, January 17th and January 30th. Each one of these auctions will focus on two different artists, both of whom have the ability to paint in different styles. Depending on the popularity of these auctions there’ll be the possibly of three others. Previous auctions which where held in November & December were some of the highest attending art auctions that UNICEF Kids Power had ever experienced. The hope that history will repeat itself for a third time is clear.

55% of all donations are given to the children rather that be for immediate care or research, 22.5% is than given to Unicef for their costs as well as small profit and finally the last 22.5% is given to the artist. These auctions can range from painting being sold for $500 to $100,000 or more depending on the biding wars that take place. Last auction a picture of a storm trooper holding flowers sold for $239,000. It is the largest bid ever seen at a UNICEF Kid’s Power Art Auction.