France Gives Asylum to Art

The French President is one of the few whom understands that art isn’t something just to be viewed by the eyes, it is something that embodies the culture of humanity and what used to be before the modern age. That is why Francois Hollande, the French President announced with a UNESCO Conference that their country would be granting artwork asylum from various countries whom fear of precious artwork being destroyed by ISIS or other extremists.

franch president

This is truly astonishing to see as most countries look at art as a form of money, not culture. It seems that some countries haven’t forgotten of the devastation of art when extremists are at play. A perfect example would be the Nazi’s, one of their main goals was to destroy all precious artworks which weren’t of German culture. If ISIS Extremists also did the same thing then this could result in beautiful pieces of artwork being burned, ripped or more in a manner of weeks.

Germany is also holding asylum to precious forms of artwork as well, the United States of America is are harbouring various famous pieces of artwork as well. This could ensure the protection of the culture of old. Unfortunately the United States of America, with their ideas of being impenetrable are still showcasing these pieces of artwork to the public. While Germany & France are working towards putting their precious gems of art as deep away from the public as they possibly can. This is by far the best way to ensure their safety.