Fallout 4 Art book Announced

Fallout 4, one of the most anticipated video games of 2015 and more than likely this video game console generation cycle as a whole is only two weeks away from being released. Bethesda, the developers of the game have just announced “Fallout 4: The Art Book” which is slated to be released alongside the game. This art book will consist of designs, concept art of the games different locations but the art book will also consist of commentary directly from the games developers. This 384 page book will be one of the best art books to ever be released alongside its video game counterpart.

Fallout 4 Art book

Many people would argue that video games aren’t art but those people are far from correct. Video games take thousands of man hours to developer, behind every location in a new generation video game there is hundreds of hours of code. There are dozens of video games that have been released in recent years that visually look better than real life. You can’t help but to be grasped in by their beauty and the same thing shall apply with Fallout 4.

Those whom get this video game will have the treat of walking through Boston. Instead of just looking at a painting and wondering where that painting might take you. In Fallout 4 those looking at this painting will be able to explore an endless world that’s not defined by our imagination. “The Art of Fallout 4” is going to have paintings, art and more that’ll blow the minds of whomever decide to purchase this book.

Vancouver’s New Art Gallery New Public Space

Vancouver is continuing to make their city that much more appealing to not only their citizens but also to tourists. Their doing this through the much needed new Art Gallery in the core of the city. This new art gallery is being redesigned with multiple layers. All layers will be a different size, giving an odd but appealing architectural design that everybody can enjoy.

Vancouver’s New Art Gallery

This new art gallery is slated to be located at West Georgia & Cambie within Downtown Vancouver. This building will stand two hundred and thirty feet tall, having a total accumulated space of 310,000 square feet in the process. Currently the space where this new art gallery will be built is a parking lot for the Queen Elizabeth Plaza.

These efforts are clearly being made in order to make Downtown Vancouver a site to see & behold. This new art gallery would also have the architect & his team create a path that would lead from the art gallery to the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to the Rogers Arena and finally to BC Place. This would spread major life into the heart of downtown which is why this proposed idea is going through and will more than likely be completed in three years’ time.

The City of Vancouver announced that they’ve donated the parking lot space to the old art gallery & have already provided a large portion of the funding for the new building. Swiss Architects De Meuron & Herzog will be designing this new art gallery.