China Steals American Artwork

China is now becoming famous for being a country which doesn’t only steal designs from various other countries but also has no concern for international law. China once again proved this as they’ve stolen artwork from Wayne Scarpaci, an artist who is famous for drawing ships and landscapes. Mr. Scarpaci’s artwork has been displayed multiple times in galleries, he has drawn book covers and box art for model kits. Unfortunately when browsing through other ship related art he won’t a Chinese manufactured painting that is nearly identical to his own.

Wayne Scarpaci

He suspects that whomever made this painting used it via Photoshop, taking different elements from various photo’s he’s drawn and combining them in order to form a new version of his work. Unfortunately Wayne cannot sue the company behind this rip off as China considers themselves pervious to the law which in return has caused countless problems. The most recent being that their building a new island in International Water & have openly threatened other countries saying they’ll blow them out of the sky and water if they try to go near the island.

This is starting to upset Northern America, their largest customer as they aren’t obeying any laws which other countries must obey. It’s suspected that whoever is next president will be working towards creating new sanctions that’ll essentially require that China clean up their act or lose them as a customer. Analysts state that China can call in the mass debt that America owes them but America will simply act as China has for decades & not pay it off.