$1.1 Million Art Price Tag Being Criticized

Art is one of the few things alongside music that has remained throughout human history. Montreal, one of the more stunning cities within Canada is known for their love for art industry. They encourage that young artists move to the city and due to this often pieces of art are displayed throughout the city.

City of Montreal

The most recent piece of art that has been created for the City of Montreal is a metal sculpture which is meant to be an homage to how far humans have come in mass transit, the sculpture resembling that of a bicycle wheel. Unfortunately it seems that citizens of the city believe that this money could be used for better things, one woman noted that it’s absolutely ridiculous to spend $1.1 Million on what is nothing more than a wheel. There are many residents who love the art community that have begun to express how much they enjoy this new sculpture and that everyone shouldn’t be so quick to judge on this piece for Montreal is known to be a haven for artists, just as Rome or France are.

None the less it doesn’t matter as to what these people think because the fact of the matter is that this sculpture is here to stay for decades to come. Montreal also has plans to create a new art district or redesign the one they currently have. Any information regarding any future art projects relating to the district or the city can be will be able to be found here.