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In history there are many amazing occurrences that have taken place and changed art and films as it’s known today. Many of us know all about the amazing painting and sculptures created over the last thousand years. There are many great names that pop up when you think of these. In films there have also been memorable occasions that changed the industry as we know it today. Arts and films have affected all our lives whether we own some paintings, admire the films that have been created or just find all the achievements of these individuals amazing.

Art films

Art films also known as arthouse films, is where the magic of movies started. This industry change the way we see a lot of things today as young filmmakers and directors reinvented stories and made them visible. Films started late in the 19th century and quickly became a massive industry around the world. Film festivals quickly came up in American to provide these films a place to be seen and reviewed by critics. From those years films became bigger and a lot more advanced as editing and special effects became available to creators.


Today, films have become so advanced that just about anything could now be created or changed. The film industry has come a far way, but yet the original art films still exist in a number of smaller theatres around the world. Film festivals are also still provided and are completely different from cinemas as we know them today.


The art and film world has provided many different academies, which have reached only the highest standard of education as kings and other members from royalty used to share a great interest in these academies. European academies used to be known for the most amazing art and film academies, and today they are still seen as they best and most advanced.


When looking at art itself you cant help to think that its completely different from any other art available today, and you would be right. Art has become an amazing addition to you lives and to those who has created the pieces that we all seek today. Many artists will tell you art has never been about how well you do something someone taught you, but rather how well you can express the skills that you have taught yourself. An artist lives within all of us some would say, all you need to do in get the creative juices flowing and keep practicing to improve your new skill.

Art has become one of the most sort after things money can buy, in the last few years people have seen art climb well over the hundred million dollar mark and then we are looking at just one painting. Art have become expensive, but I can understand why. When you have a piece of art to yourself and know that no one can ever replace it, why should you sell it for what it is actually worth, it’s yours and one of a kind, which means if someone wants it bad enough, they will pay anything to have it.

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